Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Autistic/Neurodiverse Heroes:

Hi there I know that there has been a lot of Autism Spectrum bigots out there with some bloggers posting worst Autistic people, I thought I would post Autism Heroes & better retrospective that all of on the spectrum are people too, & that this world would be lost without there contribution here is my top 3!

1. Dr.Temple Grandin: she started the wave of Autism knowledge, & without here we would have known what the Autism is,she is fully diagnosed,if you read her first book "Emergence", she explains what is like not being able to talk & if it wasn't for her, we would have not have had specialized farm cattle shutes, she her webpage for full details.Another webpage as well

2. Daniel Tammet: he is a well known artist & blogger,he is also a brilliant mathematician who also has Synthesia . He can speak over 11 languages,Tammet also holds the European record for reciting pi from memory to 22,514 digits in five hours and nine minutes,& is an Author of the book "Born on a Blue Day". Here is his personal blog

3. Dan Ackroyd, he is a well know actor, without him, we would not have Saturday Night Live classics,Ghostbusters,Blues Brothers,Founder of House of Blues website & show lounges etc!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I just want to say that anyone can be Autistic & in the Autism spectrum so please be nice to us, we could be anybody, your sister,brother,friend,neighbor etc! We are people too & all we want is to live discrimination free & in harmony with our contributions to the world!
Have a great day! Zoey =)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have another group!

Here is another provax group I made on Google!

Please come by especially if you support the cause!

Will also post info that Generation Rescue, Age of Autism & Jenny McCarthy like to censor or control for there info!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ban has been lifted (for now)....

Hi again,some good news the ban has been lifted so that I can now post links on Facebook again! I will continually monitor the situation, & as previously posted I now have an MSN group & a Yahoo! group, please come join them, viva la revolution! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Please visit this site as well as it has my support!


This site is run by my friend Tammy Lessick please support her!

Autism Advocate Banned from Posting links on Facebook!

horrible news, I have been banned from posting links or stories, through the posting on Facebook because I did was post essential information of pro vax stories, & links & stories, open to that issue peacefully without any name calling or swearing at them, on the Generation Rescue Facebook group & they started not only giving me the you don't care routine, they complained to Facebook admins about it & now I cannot post anything, & recieved the warning of abuse on Facebook, & not only that on there group after posting & talking peacefully they acted like a pack of wolves attacking me when I wasn't judging or telling anyone what to do, I am a peaceful Autism/Asperger's & Spectrum Advocate, they seem to like censorship especially with there associated website of Age of Autism. All I am doing is trying to peacefully open the flow of Autism education & the free flow of informed information, & that Autistics are people too! I admit because of Asperger's my social cues aren't exactly the best in the world, I don't like violence & want to defend as peacefully as possible, I am sorry about there specific situations & all I am doing is trying to help, but I guess when certain people have chips on there shoulders due to fear mongering in the first place. I feel that this group is a wolf in sheeps clothing, as I repeated over again they don't petition for Autism rights also, & want Autism banned,cured, & swept under the rug, & the only Autistic people allowed are those who are cured, & also agree with there one sided philosophies,some of the diehard members, have been lowered to name calling & harrassing, those people, even Autistics that don't agree with Generation Rescue. I have emailed the Facebook admins today!
I also support the work of Ari Ne'eman of ASAN, Autistic Self Advocacy Network please see the previous blog for link & as I have said before, Kev Leitch, Amanda Baags, Michelle Dawson & all of those who stand up to the bullies.

thanks again your friend & Autism & Spectrum Advocate Zoey :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Support Kev Leitch & his opinions:(another humble opinion)....

Hi again, I just wanted to say how upset I am by the opinions of a certain anti Autism blogger (who shall remain nameless for now), this person's useless opinion tirade against those of us with Autism in the spectrum & any supporters of Neurodiversity is a threat not only to us but to society as a whole, these are statements that threaten everyone.(this persona also threatens Gays in his rants) This person has threatened Ari Ne eman, (& Mr. Ne eman's mother as well) couragous leader of ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Netowork) & the Newsweek article: I will not provide the link to this person's site as it is full of hate, & misinformation & is simply not true, I have Asperger's myself, with 2 nephews who are Autistic so I should know & I have seen all the messy houses, my sister's personal roller coaster, running away, etc. This person has Also threatened my friend Kev Leitch who wrote a blog about this person, & one of the leaders of Left Brain Right Brain site which has more open minded info than sites & groups like Age of Autism, Generation Rescue etc..All I can say is that I give my support to Mr. Leitch & Mr Ne eman for standing up to the bullies of Autism Civil Rights. Yes the diagnoses according to the Autism & Asperger's are two different things, but they are two different branches of the same tree, when I was dx'd my doctor may have admitted they were two different things, & said that depending who I talk to when I explain my Asperger's if people don't know what Asperger's is I explain its in the the upper spectrum of Autism which genetically its true! If this person had said something about say Down's Syndrome or somebody that is in a wheelchair what this person had said there would be major outrage over his opinions. If you support Kev Leitch please come forward the more support the more we can stop this misinformation about Autism & Neurodiversity which is not just the Autism Spectrum but all cognitive & mental,physical impairments or special needs as well. I think that those of us on the upper spectrum can have an opinion too you know & we are people also. I feel that some of these anti Autism & Neurodiversity opionions of hate are going back to the Nazi's & Eugenics, & Ethnic cleansing, but last time I look all UN, Canada, & United States disability rules apply to those with Autism as well. Its Neurobigotry & Autistic bigotry at its lowest folks! I also support Amanda Baags, & Michelle Dawson for their quest in the rights for all of us! (President Obama's Speech on Autism) United States Disability Act of 1990 Canadian Govt information Canadian Health Act Amendments for Autism coverage in Canada

Kev Leitch's blog faq about Autism which I agree with:

his personal blog site:

If you support Kev Leitch please come forward & put it on your own blogs!
We will be victorous & we will triumph over evil & discrimination, let Neurodiversity,Autism, Autism & Spectrum etc!

Just a note also that some of these hateful don't listen no matter what we say or present so I will that those on Autism & the Autism Spectrum & all Neurodiversity supporters rule! I don't expect the evil trolls to understand or change there ways, but I do have a right to post how I feel & maybe show people the truth of the hatred that is going on...

with love & all the best your friend Zoey & I will continue to refer to myself as Autistic (& proud of it too!) :) Please accept Autism & Spectrum!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Facebook group links:

Here are the links to my facebook groups:

Those on Autism & Spectrum who are against Autism Misinformation

The Ultimate Autism Supergroup (Anybody in the Autism Spectrum) Group 1

Vax Fears & the Pandemonium it Creates (opinion only)

Hi everyone I just wanted to put my humble opinion about this topic because I am frustrated with the censorship of this issue & the paranoia it creates, Its about the Autism Vax correlation theory, remember that these are theories, especially if your a parent who is looking for the issue the first time. I am not disputing that some parents may have children who have Autism by vaccination & some children who overcome Autism as well, I don't want to preach or tell you parents what to do about your child. However I am please urging you to all think with both sides of the issue first, & not one based on fear of the unknown, based on what I believe is one sided propaganda. I myself have Asperger's & one of my nephews has low to med verbal Autism & his brother has Asperger's like I do (we are officially diagnosed by the way), I have also see what Autism can do to families (running away from home,major messy houses etc), I believe in the Genetic factor & we are also decades, aport, & before you demonize the Vaccination as the total cause of Autism is upsetting to me as a person on the Autism Spectrum that 3/4 of the groups & info out including the well meaning groups & websites who say they are here to help us actually doing more harm than good on today's chidren (in fact in my diagnoses & my nephews the cause was not an issue) however these groups at the same time also put down people who don't agree with them on the anti vax issue & condemning those who are currently on the spectrum & happy with the way the are.

After this is done, I provide links on both sides of issue.

What upsets me the most is groups like Generation Rescue, Autism Speaks, Jenny McCarthy, (who is getting her own show too! scary) etc, with big followings based on limited or one side of the Anti Vax & cure debate, these groups do not represent me or my views. If you want to follow them that is your decision, however I believe in openess for information coming the scientists and other websites as well, like the CDC & WHO government organizations, I am defending the government either, in order to make an informed choice, the free flow of free speech and information need to given. I know that some people have overcomed there Autism, however that is very cases about 10% as per last news listings. I don't like quackery on either side. There are other Autistics who feel like I do, I have a feeling some are afraid to come forward because of intimating power of these groups because they will harrass & make fun opposers on their sites, & completely dispell the medical & science community which really wish to help (unless certain Dr's etc are on their side). Please listen to me with an open heart, I mean no ill will towards these groups, they just are upsetting me with their one sided views & philosophies, that are most often based on big financial kickbacks & pushy lawyers as well (not in all cases). Remember the tirade on "The Doctors" program, where they wanted to make fun of the doctors for not agreeing with them, also remember the fiasco with Andrew Wakefield & the Lancet which pulled his study after finding kickbacks & money grants he recieved for his flawed studies, & technically he is no longer a Dr. anymore,but some parents still praise him anyway as a hero:

Conclusion more research & more unbiased studies need to be done on what causes Autism & overcoming Autism & also not to dispell environmental factors which these groups try to cover up as well just to get money from the Vaccine companies whiching is going the wrong way instead of petitioning for Autism rights & for us to be recognized as a people. Please don't let fear & hatred influence your decision. Its my view that you cannot over Autism totally only the major symptoms associated with it, because of the Genetic base & Autism has been around longer than the Vaccinations itself, Einstein, Mozart, etc, who is trying to cover up who is the question, like calling the tea kettle black...

I possibly will have more to say another day....please see my links prior as to what Autism & the Spectrum is....
Thanks your friend, a Proud Aspie & Autism Facebook leader Zoey :)
remember try to stay positive & I on,ly mean well with the openess of ALL Autism info I know that there are Autistics & other Spectrumites, like me who while we are not socially perfect, can make up a lot of our own decisions based the information out, hopefully good over the bad.
Remember Misinformation leads to Discrimination!

Links: Its your judgement call on these groups I am just providing the information In my humble opinion) try to be well meaning but one sided & censor information (when you respend to there stories etc) that doesn't go along with there views (wiki is still good despite it not being perfect) By the way I am not dispelling that side effects from Vaccines can occur, I am objected to them being used as the only hypotheses & cause for Autism & others with Genetic roots:

Anti Vax views & sites (also maybe pro cure as well): (Head editor is JB Handley) (owned by JB Handley)


Information & pro vax sites (also anti cure as well): (more info about Generation Rescue) (same as above) (mega links) (mega links),9171,893720,00.html
More on Quackwatch as well...

Thanks again your friend,proud Aspie & Autistic Facebook leader, Zoey :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Have a happy World Autism Awareness Day!

Hi everyone I just wanted to wish you all a happy World Autism Awareness Day!
Here is my posting to CNN IReport:

Have a great day everyone! Autism & Spectrum rights!

I am now a moderator & member of

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I had my Facebook account disabled do to much posting of links, I just wanted to say any opinions I hold are not the same as the Ultimate Autism Supergroup (Group 1) that I created on Facebook. All opinions are welcome & I respect everyone's opinion. Please come visit my site all are welcome! Thanks your friend Zoey :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here are some more Autism pics I found around the grapevine...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book review of "Not Stupid" written by Anna Kennedy

Here is my latest book review! hope you enjoy it! I know I did :)

I have had the privilage of reading a really wonderful book called "Not Stupid" by Anna Kennedy. She is married to a man named Sean who has Asperger's & has 2 sons, Patrick the oldest has Asperger's & Angelo the youngest has Autism. They live in the Hillingdon area of the UK (United Kingdom). This book "Not Stupid" gives insites to Autism & how it personally affects families. I also know this first hand as I have also have Asperger's (which is in the Autism spectrum family tree, its a social disfunction meaning for social interactions. Two of my nephews have Autism as well, the oldest one has low to medium verbal Autism while the younger one has high functioning Asperger's like I do, this story reminded of them. The ending also has notes by son Patrick & Husband Sean. This is a great real story! I agree with Sean in a quote from the book "I believe society's attitudes towards some disabilities needs to change. There needs to be more awareness of certain conditions if people with disabilities are to be given the opportunity to show what they can do in the workplace". This is a very heartwarming biography that is enjoyable by all! Anna gives the pitfalls, the good times & so on about the start of the start of Hillingdon school & her life with her family If you would like further insite about Autism & Aspergers, please visit my facebook group The Ultimate Autism Supergroup (Anybody in the Autism Spectrum) Group 1 for more info on Autism & the spectrum.If you wish to contact Anna you can contact her at or contact any of the Hillingdon school sites here is here school website address: & another website Special thanks to Anna Kennedy & family!

For More info please see my group The Ultimate Autism Supergroup on Facebook for full review...

Monday, March 2, 2009