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Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Video Review Blog

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I have created a new blog called Spectrum Video Reviews, it will review movies,tv, etc, from my perspective, & will also include those Autism related (no negative movies) & other special need related as well thrown in. Hope you can join that too!

Thank you! your friend Zoey :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Friend 2 Friend Review

Hi gang,sorry I haven`t posted in a while again lol!...I got to be a guest speaker at the Autism course at our local college.(another day,another time) Now for my review,a couple of weeks back  I got the privilege to go a free day workshop  on a new form of IPG (Integrated Play Group)This therapy I feel is Autism friendly, it entails,showing demonstrations of what having Autism feels, like,actual footage for those delivering this therapy of the real testimonials,a puppet play of having the children, being part of fun,instead of preaching straight to them. This is run by Heather McCracken,who has an Autistic son herself,& those with Autism are welcome to be a part of the team too. By the way this is in no way a "cure" and I agree with her,as you can only "recover" certain symptoms associated with Autism if caught early enough. but this is a fun way for your child on there own time to come out there shell. Please if you have any questions please feel free to email here & go to the links provided on a picture of her card (&under the pic as well) I am including. I highly recommend this therapy,if you have any questions please let her know she is the specialist,please don't ask me,thank you everyone! :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The p-AU-sitive Geek

Hello there,this another great episode from your friend & favorite Aspergian Zoey,I am so tired of my fellow Auties & Aspies,getting bashed simply because there is myth that we don't know anything & all we do is bash our heads against walls & pull temper tantrums,& regress.  Yes I admit there are children on the spectrum who do that,but that is no reason to shut out the higher thinking Autistics, its time these parents see beyond themselves & that they are not alone,& there can be a benefit with who we are,as we are here to stay whether you agree or not.  I am trying my best to be positive & that is why I try to air positive links on Facebook, Twitter,etc.  Sure Autism also its "days" but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you parents can't stay hard headed forever,you also have to come out of your negative about Autism shells. Take Dr Temple Grandin for example,she in her own autobiography taught herself to read,talk,etc & even went to university despite her own obstacles.  Instead of saying oh wo what do we do? Well for starters its good to (if you can afford it,if you can't please get some sort of funding help) to get an ipod touch or gaming device (portible or console) to keep them busy,they are less likely to tantrum,for parents banging the head against the wall for you is not going to help the child!  By the way the goal is not to conquer Autism,its the symptoms associated with Autism that need to be worked with & I believe that acceptance is the start to anything. In my view its the antivax fearmongering from groups like Generation Rescue & its propaganda arm Age of Autism (to name of few) that spread the uneccessary fears & misinformation that Autism & the spectrum are bad & even censor there informaton & make fun of Autistic Advocates & those who are higher function as well who try to think positive about Autism. The only Autistics welcome are those Autistics who act like traitors & the so called "cured" Autistics. There is no "cure" for Autism because it's neurogical & in the genes.  I will post links at the end of this blog.  We have lots of gifts & talents, we are the inventors,professors,actors,in fact you never know who has Autistic traits,we are a special set of people,after all some people in the deaf community (actress,activist Marlee Matlin for example) have made great strides,if those people were "cured" we wouldn't have them & its like a lobotomy you just stifle there gifts & creativity. Just because your child is not perfect doesn't mean they are incapable you have to work with them at there level,like a cocoon,if you force children,of course they will rebel,you have to work positively with them. Autistics have feelings too we just have different way of expressing things.  One of my talents is art for example I am a creative person, I also have an active imagination,& I have won for my art when I was in school.  My goal is to educate as many as possible that will listen & be open to us. Listen guys I am sorry I don't know about every situation & sorry about things that happen to you, but nobody guaranteed life to perfect, like the song says I never promised you a rose garden,but hey if life gives you lemons you make lemonade right? That its what today's technology is for also!  There should be respect for everyone even those with special needs like us. Those parents who want a "cure" please think through this thought first,is the "cure" for me or for the child? By the way parents who think they are alone are sadly mistaken they are not alone they have other parents & those on the Autism & related spectrum! You just have to open your eyes & ears beyond your situation!

(As I think of things, this blog can be subject to changes)
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Thank you for listening your friend Zoey :D remember guys, smile!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Biography

Hi everyone,here is a good portion of my biography on a friends blog,here name is Laura Shumaker, she is an author/advocate for Autism,she posted my story on her site. Please feel to make her friendship & she posts all shorts of stories from the Autism spectrum & beyond thanks! :D

I am also featured on friend Kim Wombles blog directory! please come by :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to the Swing of Things!

It's been a while since I blogged I was just trying to clear my head of internet bullies,(long story,message me on Facebook),anyway I am still going to be a Autism & Spectrum warrior & continue fighting against our injustice & discrimination.
I am also an example, I am in my mid 30's & have Asperger's.
Once story is particular that got me a bit concerned when a "friend" on Facebook who works for crank blog Age of Autism says that Autistic Adults don't exist,here is the site on which it happened look for Age of Autism repsponse on friend Kev Leitch's Left Brain/Right Brain log:
There people with Autism & history is filled with them,some early expamples,of those with Autism are Mozart,Einstein,& so forth:
Dr.Temple Grandin famous adult Autistic:
The Autistic Savant Twins Flo & Kay
Kim Peek
They are remarkable & amazing people! so if you don't believe there are Autistic Adults shame on you! You are wrong,& need to be educated! Autistic children grow up to Autistic adults! This denialism is dangerous, & often spearhead by those in the antivax community like Age of Autism,Generation Rescue,etc. Its such a shame to be in the 21st century & we still want to eradicate or "cure" people who different,yes I have seen the downsides to Autism etc,but that doesn't mean Autism is a death sentence,there are creative & real people with Autism our there.
Please here us & listen to us,before you make your decisions that Autism is hell,which is isn't! I am proud to have Asperger's its a learning curve but you make lemonade out of lemons right? Thank you for listening & have a great day,this blog will updated as I brainstorm more ideas as well. :D

Zakh Price situation updated

for any future updates on Zakh situation please follow the Zakh appeal blog,thank you....same with his current situation :D


Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Zakh Website!

Hi again everyone,an update on the Zakh situation, he now has his own website. Please help them financially if you cannot do it that way, you can always spread the word to anybody who will, & also any media outlet, thanks for your support. See my previous post for more information, thanks your friend Zoey :)


Friday, January 8, 2010

Please Help Zakh Price's Grandmother pay the lawyer's fee

All money goes directly to Carole Reynolds to pay for Zakh's lawyer fees, please help if you can! Thanks! :)

This idea was passed on from my friend Kim Wombles, please visit her at:

Please Help Zakhqurery Price!

Hi everyone my first official posting of 2010. Happy New Year all,anyway, I would like to report there is some blatent anti Autism discrimination going around in the case of young Zakh Price. He is a wonderful young man,he needs your help,as his school district was using not only illegial restraints on him,when he escaped from his restraints the law has charged him with a felony, which is highly rediculous as he is only 11 years old. The restraint system is medieval torture, & I would escape too if I was in the situation.

Here is information on the situation courtesy of ASAN website:

School Principal:
Pam Siebenmorgan (One of the charging parties in Zakh's felony hearing - polite but firm calls and e-mails encouraging her to drop the charges would be helpful)
Phone: 479-646-0834

School Superintendent:
Dr. Benny Gooden (The Superintendent runs the entire school district - polite but firm calls and e-mails communicating how this situation is damaging Fort Smith Public Schools' reputation would be helpful as well)

School Board Office: 1-479-785-2501 Ext. 1201

We recommend that you both e-mail and call if you can. If necessary, e-mail is the preferable option. If you would like your e-mails to be passed along to Zakh's grandmother, please bcc: Please stress the importance of Fort Smith Public Schools taking the following steps:

-Drop the charges against Zakhqurey Price

-Work with his grandmother to put in place an IEP that will fulfill Zakh's right for a Free and Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment

-Improve training for school personnel to prevent future such incidents and to ensure that students on the autism spectrum as well as with other disabilities are included, supported and educated in Fort Smith Public Schools.

If Zakh is declared incompetent as part of the hearing scheduled for January 12th, state law requires that he be placed into a mental hospital for at least 30 days. Carole's grandmother fears that, due to the negative repercussions of being taken out of the community and being forced into an institutional setting, Zakh may lose skills in such an environment and not be returned to her indefinitely.

That is why we need you to act now. Please distribute and repost this action alert. Thank you for your time and your advocacy, and as always, Nothing About Us, Without Us!

Ari Ne'eman
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network
(202) 596-1056

Here are support groups for Zakh on Facebook:
my group:

Zakh's Grandmother Carole Reynolds Facebook group:

Here is Carole Reynolds blog, & you can also help donate to the cause there as well! Please contact here for details:

State of Arkansas,Dept of Education rules:


Links to major news outlets (which I am shocked & upset that no one has picked up!):

in Canada:


Also contact your local news outlets as well!

Information on Restraints:

In conclusion they have no right to do this to an 11 year old! its criminal,inhumane & medieval barbarism! Please help if you cannot help him financially please pray & lend your support by bombarding his school,protesting there, & letting any newssite etc, know about this abuse! It's not just Zakh at state, but there also other children past & present in the same situation & we should help the abused children of militant schools systems out !

Thanks your friend & Autism advocate/Proud Aspergian Zoey :)


Hi my 1st posting for the new year, just testing to make sure everything is! til next posting... :)