Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book review of "Not Stupid" written by Anna Kennedy

Here is my latest book review! hope you enjoy it! I know I did :)

I have had the privilage of reading a really wonderful book called "Not Stupid" by Anna Kennedy. She is married to a man named Sean who has Asperger's & has 2 sons, Patrick the oldest has Asperger's & Angelo the youngest has Autism. They live in the Hillingdon area of the UK (United Kingdom). This book "Not Stupid" gives insites to Autism & how it personally affects families. I also know this first hand as I have also have Asperger's (which is in the Autism spectrum family tree, its a social disfunction meaning for social interactions. Two of my nephews have Autism as well, the oldest one has low to medium verbal Autism while the younger one has high functioning Asperger's like I do, this story reminded of them. The ending also has notes by son Patrick & Husband Sean. This is a great real story! I agree with Sean in a quote from the book "I believe society's attitudes towards some disabilities needs to change. There needs to be more awareness of certain conditions if people with disabilities are to be given the opportunity to show what they can do in the workplace". This is a very heartwarming biography that is enjoyable by all! Anna gives the pitfalls, the good times & so on about the start of the start of Hillingdon school & her life with her family If you would like further insite about Autism & Aspergers, please visit my facebook group The Ultimate Autism Supergroup (Anybody in the Autism Spectrum) Group 1 for more info on Autism & the spectrum.If you wish to contact Anna you can contact her at or contact any of the Hillingdon school sites here is here school website address: & another website Special thanks to Anna Kennedy & family!

For More info please see my group The Ultimate Autism Supergroup on Facebook for full review...

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