Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Autistic/Neurodiverse Heroes:

Hi there I know that there has been a lot of Autism Spectrum bigots out there with some bloggers posting worst Autistic people, I thought I would post Autism Heroes & better retrospective that all of on the spectrum are people too, & that this world would be lost without there contribution here is my top 3!

1. Dr.Temple Grandin: she started the wave of Autism knowledge, & without here we would have known what the Autism is,she is fully diagnosed,if you read her first book "Emergence", she explains what is like not being able to talk & if it wasn't for her, we would have not have had specialized farm cattle shutes, she her webpage for full details.Another webpage as well

2. Daniel Tammet: he is a well known artist & blogger,he is also a brilliant mathematician who also has Synthesia . He can speak over 11 languages,Tammet also holds the European record for reciting pi from memory to 22,514 digits in five hours and nine minutes,& is an Author of the book "Born on a Blue Day". Here is his personal blog

3. Dan Ackroyd, he is a well know actor, without him, we would not have Saturday Night Live classics,Ghostbusters,Blues Brothers,Founder of House of Blues website & show lounges etc!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I just want to say that anyone can be Autistic & in the Autism spectrum so please be nice to us, we could be anybody, your sister,brother,friend,neighbor etc! We are people too & all we want is to live discrimination free & in harmony with our contributions to the world!
Have a great day! Zoey =)

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