Friday, May 22, 2009

Autism Advocate Banned from Posting links on Facebook!

horrible news, I have been banned from posting links or stories, through the posting on Facebook because I did was post essential information of pro vax stories, & links & stories, open to that issue peacefully without any name calling or swearing at them, on the Generation Rescue Facebook group & they started not only giving me the you don't care routine, they complained to Facebook admins about it & now I cannot post anything, & recieved the warning of abuse on Facebook, & not only that on there group after posting & talking peacefully they acted like a pack of wolves attacking me when I wasn't judging or telling anyone what to do, I am a peaceful Autism/Asperger's & Spectrum Advocate, they seem to like censorship especially with there associated website of Age of Autism. All I am doing is trying to peacefully open the flow of Autism education & the free flow of informed information, & that Autistics are people too! I admit because of Asperger's my social cues aren't exactly the best in the world, I don't like violence & want to defend as peacefully as possible, I am sorry about there specific situations & all I am doing is trying to help, but I guess when certain people have chips on there shoulders due to fear mongering in the first place. I feel that this group is a wolf in sheeps clothing, as I repeated over again they don't petition for Autism rights also, & want Autism banned,cured, & swept under the rug, & the only Autistic people allowed are those who are cured, & also agree with there one sided philosophies,some of the diehard members, have been lowered to name calling & harrassing, those people, even Autistics that don't agree with Generation Rescue. I have emailed the Facebook admins today!
I also support the work of Ari Ne'eman of ASAN, Autistic Self Advocacy Network please see the previous blog for link & as I have said before, Kev Leitch, Amanda Baags, Michelle Dawson & all of those who stand up to the bullies.

thanks again your friend & Autism & Spectrum Advocate Zoey :)


  1. Parents of severely autistic children do not have to be told that their own children are people too.

    Zoey Roberts and Ari Ne'eman have little in common with my severely autistic son or other severely autistic children and have no right to label as bullies parents seeking to cure their own children of their autism disorder.

  2. ty for your opinions Harold they are noted, & I am sorry you feel that way as you don't represent us either ty
    and a subnote to the story for my readers:
    I am still on facebook ty


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