Monday, May 18, 2009

I Support Kev Leitch & his opinions:(another humble opinion)....

Hi again, I just wanted to say how upset I am by the opinions of a certain anti Autism blogger (who shall remain nameless for now), this person's useless opinion tirade against those of us with Autism in the spectrum & any supporters of Neurodiversity is a threat not only to us but to society as a whole, these are statements that threaten everyone.(this persona also threatens Gays in his rants) This person has threatened Ari Ne eman, (& Mr. Ne eman's mother as well) couragous leader of ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Netowork) & the Newsweek article: I will not provide the link to this person's site as it is full of hate, & misinformation & is simply not true, I have Asperger's myself, with 2 nephews who are Autistic so I should know & I have seen all the messy houses, my sister's personal roller coaster, running away, etc. This person has Also threatened my friend Kev Leitch who wrote a blog about this person, & one of the leaders of Left Brain Right Brain site which has more open minded info than sites & groups like Age of Autism, Generation Rescue etc..All I can say is that I give my support to Mr. Leitch & Mr Ne eman for standing up to the bullies of Autism Civil Rights. Yes the diagnoses according to the Autism & Asperger's are two different things, but they are two different branches of the same tree, when I was dx'd my doctor may have admitted they were two different things, & said that depending who I talk to when I explain my Asperger's if people don't know what Asperger's is I explain its in the the upper spectrum of Autism which genetically its true! If this person had said something about say Down's Syndrome or somebody that is in a wheelchair what this person had said there would be major outrage over his opinions. If you support Kev Leitch please come forward the more support the more we can stop this misinformation about Autism & Neurodiversity which is not just the Autism Spectrum but all cognitive & mental,physical impairments or special needs as well. I think that those of us on the upper spectrum can have an opinion too you know & we are people also. I feel that some of these anti Autism & Neurodiversity opionions of hate are going back to the Nazi's & Eugenics, & Ethnic cleansing, but last time I look all UN, Canada, & United States disability rules apply to those with Autism as well. Its Neurobigotry & Autistic bigotry at its lowest folks! I also support Amanda Baags, & Michelle Dawson for their quest in the rights for all of us! (President Obama's Speech on Autism) United States Disability Act of 1990 Canadian Govt information Canadian Health Act Amendments for Autism coverage in Canada

Kev Leitch's blog faq about Autism which I agree with:

his personal blog site:

If you support Kev Leitch please come forward & put it on your own blogs!
We will be victorous & we will triumph over evil & discrimination, let Neurodiversity,Autism, Autism & Spectrum etc!

Just a note also that some of these hateful don't listen no matter what we say or present so I will that those on Autism & the Autism Spectrum & all Neurodiversity supporters rule! I don't expect the evil trolls to understand or change there ways, but I do have a right to post how I feel & maybe show people the truth of the hatred that is going on...

with love & all the best your friend Zoey & I will continue to refer to myself as Autistic (& proud of it too!) :) Please accept Autism & Spectrum!


  1. I found your blog via facebook. I too am distubed by these anti-autism blogs, however, I believe that giving people like that attention encourages that kind of behavior from them. I prefer to promote an optimistic but realistic view of ASDs via my blog and facebook rather than getting into arguments with trolls. I read some of these blogs and those people are not in not capable of intelligent argument only flaming and poison pen.

  2. I am trying to stay as positive as I can, in fact this time I didn't even name the person it was that bad!


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