Monday, October 4, 2010

Friend 2 Friend Review

Hi gang,sorry I haven`t posted in a while again lol!...I got to be a guest speaker at the Autism course at our local college.(another day,another time) Now for my review,a couple of weeks back  I got the privilege to go a free day workshop  on a new form of IPG (Integrated Play Group)This therapy I feel is Autism friendly, it entails,showing demonstrations of what having Autism feels, like,actual footage for those delivering this therapy of the real testimonials,a puppet play of having the children, being part of fun,instead of preaching straight to them. This is run by Heather McCracken,who has an Autistic son herself,& those with Autism are welcome to be a part of the team too. By the way this is in no way a "cure" and I agree with her,as you can only "recover" certain symptoms associated with Autism if caught early enough. but this is a fun way for your child on there own time to come out there shell. Please if you have any questions please feel free to email here & go to the links provided on a picture of her card (&under the pic as well) I am including. I highly recommend this therapy,if you have any questions please let her know she is the specialist,please don't ask me,thank you everyone! :D


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