Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to the Swing of Things!

It's been a while since I blogged I was just trying to clear my head of internet bullies,(long story,message me on Facebook),anyway I am still going to be a Autism & Spectrum warrior & continue fighting against our injustice & discrimination.
I am also an example, I am in my mid 30's & have Asperger's.
Once story is particular that got me a bit concerned when a "friend" on Facebook who works for crank blog Age of Autism says that Autistic Adults don't exist,here is the site on which it happened look for Age of Autism repsponse on friend Kev Leitch's Left Brain/Right Brain log:
There people with Autism & history is filled with them,some early expamples,of those with Autism are Mozart,Einstein,& so forth:
Dr.Temple Grandin famous adult Autistic:
The Autistic Savant Twins Flo & Kay
Kim Peek
They are remarkable & amazing people! so if you don't believe there are Autistic Adults shame on you! You are wrong,& need to be educated! Autistic children grow up to Autistic adults! This denialism is dangerous, & often spearhead by those in the antivax community like Age of Autism,Generation Rescue,etc. Its such a shame to be in the 21st century & we still want to eradicate or "cure" people who different,yes I have seen the downsides to Autism etc,but that doesn't mean Autism is a death sentence,there are creative & real people with Autism our there.
Please here us & listen to us,before you make your decisions that Autism is hell,which is isn't! I am proud to have Asperger's its a learning curve but you make lemonade out of lemons right? Thank you for listening & have a great day,this blog will updated as I brainstorm more ideas as well. :D


  1. Welcome back! I was wondering when you would start posting again, after I followed your blog.

    I cannot imagine how anyone could SAY that autistic adults exist. Oftentimes it is implied, or people just ignore them while focusing more on children. More money goes towards helping autistic kids than adults, which is not surprising. That same deal is applied to homelessness and general healthcare as well. I believe Peter Gerhardt Ed. D is more involved with adult therapy than other autism research organizers.

  2. Anyone who says yes in the middle of a sentence is being phony and doesn't actually care. I'd like to see an end to this disability denialism also. Who is it you aspies are "squeezing" to make your lemonade?

  3. @lurker (Billy Cresp)
    follow your nose & read the answers on that page,if you wish to ask questions go Left Brain Right Brain!...ty... :D


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