Sunday, August 14, 2011

War & Peace (Autism style)....(these are feelings & opinions only)

Hello again,I will not be posting real names of the guilty as to protect there "integrety" they know who they are & my friends know who I am talking about as I don't want to stoop to there levels!  By the way if they or there "supporters" (aka stooges or trolls)  respond to this blog in any way shape or form they will have blown there protection & cover of who they really are as I want to keep this friendly & positive as I can & I use only real names for the people who respond to my blog.

Well as you know I have posted my side of my life on a major blog: blog run by my friend Lisa Jo Rudy. For that please see my previous posting.   I would like to explain my side of things as this will help me move on. I have come to accept there will always be people who disagree me as there are so many fractures within the Autism community that its nearly impossible to straighten out. I thought as a person on the spectrum I could be that cleaner upper & advocate helper, but its proven harder than I thought. I know that I sometimes I have a bit of a temper & I am sorry for that however I am trying my best to move on to help those who actually need it & I don't feel like I should have to defend myself everytime someone tries to take shots at me.  I wish these people will understand that I am only human too & not a monster in which there screenshots only have all my negative conversations with them. I am not a bully but someone with Aspergers/HFA who because the net is devoid of real human contact which sometimes make it difficult for me to really associate with people but this the only way I can reach out to make friends, the good, the bad & ugly! lol!  I feel that I am still a respectable member of the Autism community as I have so many more friends online that talk to me & allow me to say my feelings without going into war. I don't want war, I want peace & harmony which my bullies & stalkers may find hard to believe as they have there own walls up. Anyway these bullies which for protections sake will name "mean mommy bear" & "Gertie Gorilla", (if the parents are doing it what are they teaching there children?) as I said if they defend themselves over  this blog where real names not being used they have blown there protected cover.  On Lisa's blog all I did was air my innocent story of what it was like growing up & I would still like to thank Lisa for allowing my story article to stay up but what happened is that  "mean mommy bear" started dredging things she thinks I did wrong to her in the past which was highly out of order on that blog & unethical for that article then I defended myself a little & accused the wrong bully,well I apologized to this bully (Gertie Gorilla) but she just aired the apology & dredged up a little more dirt without remorse! Sorry but these are not advocates in my opinion but people with a personal grudge against me who refuse to move on & are obssessed with doing the wrong thing.  Also when my real friends defended me they took shots at them too,"see what a monster she is we have the screenshots to prove it" they would say.  Yes I may have responded stupidly to there little wargames however, I am still a real contributer with my experiences with my Autism family members. etc,to the Autism community as on Facebook,Twitter etc, I post news links, stories,share others links,stories etc, run some groups etc,& frankly without all of the stuff I do for the community there would be something missing as my real friends & followers depend on me to do this as often as I can.  By the way after this blog I will be posting some links to cyberbullying info etc you can look at.  It seems no matter where I go these cyberbullies want have my head on a platter & put me out of business because they want to be the heroes.  Its alright to disagree with me but any negative attitude behind it is not, & that's how I label a bully. Its a shame that Lisa had to delete ALL the comments & not allow any more because of this issue (at least she has a discussion article on the subject), so the bullies not only ruined it for me, but for Lisa & all her viewers of the blog (yes it was Lisa's overall decision but they were the infuencing factor in that decision), & they have no one but themselves to blame for this as I had a right to air my story & it was Lisa's blog so no need to dredge up the past disagreements for this article,but just comment nicely whether you agree or disagree with it,however they pushed the bounderies by acting vicious & mean about it therefore ruining it for everyone. I respect Lisa as she is my friend I support her & have supported her when other so called " Autism organizations" took shots at her for her previous articles. It seems to the bullies there is free speech but not for me. Its the old I hate Zoey so much she doesn't have any rights syndrome. When that's done they hurt others too as they refuse to move on. These bullies have also bashed a few of my friends too,not nice & frankly time for them to stop acting like children & grow up!  If this the way you teach your children then frankly I am ashamed of those bullies!  By the way they can take all the screenshots they like however it only shows one side of the story,they often don't show how I was provoked or the arguements started anyway,just what I say after the fact in which I am doing my best to watch what I say.

Well in conclusion I would like to thank my friends & followers for there support of me, A Big Thank You! :)  I hope you have enjoyed this article & remember I have not used real names here & these are just opinions & feelings but the trolls will find some excuse anyway to blast me,& I get stronger & stronger each time they push me & will forge on & will not be stopped from airing my opinions,news articles etc.  I however have also learned about a few things from each disagreement that life holds & It seems also that adult Autistics are not allowed opinions either which is a threat to free speech & called hate speech,it's a shame that these bullies are parents, I feel so sorry for there kids & would NEVER EVER attack the kids of those parents with whom  I am disagreeing with.  Why would I take my disagreements out on them? Lets leave your kids out of the disagreements ok?  They are the pawns & innocent ones. They are the ones I fight for everyday for the rights of all Autistics & the day we can one day get together & do some real fighting against the discrimination,hatred & lack of services we see everyday from our level  & the childrens level as well (as the money goes to finding this so called "cure" & cause of Autism thing instead which in my opinion is power,greed & politically motivated as parents are afraid the negative attention will attract funding for there cause & bullies are often mad with power as well, another story for another day).  They are self centered people who only care about themselves & want to bring others down with them. So please everyone please stop the schoolyard fighting its getting not only downright ugly it turns people off to your cause. Thank you I hope you enjoyed this article & I urge anyone who being bullied or stalked please please talk it over with someone you trust you are not alone as this problem can reach criminal proportions!   Zoey

Informative Links on how to deal with these bully's off & online (cyberstalkers as well)  (by the way this says you can blog about the bullies as long as you don't use real names which I have not done)

You can always use google for more info!
For security reasons as well, the only responses that will be posted are ones with real names...thank you


  1. I said what I had to say at Lisa Jo's facebook page four days ago:

    This isn't an autism issue, per se.

    The problem of ad hominem attacks from commenters on the author or on other commenters is a problem that has been addressed many times at blogs other than autism blogs. Comment moderation is an art. The two articles I point people to most often are from Teresa Nielsen Hayden, who has been moderating vigorous (...even contentious) communities for over a decade.

    The first is January 2005, updated in 2010:​akinglight/archives/012691​.html

    The second, Moderation Isn't Rocket Science, is from April 17, 2007​akinglight/archives/008856​.html

    I strongly suggest that anyone reading who is part of a comment moderation team study them and implement the rules. Adapt them to fit your needs and post them.

    The short version is that Lisa Jo exposed her authors (you and Bard) to attacks and failed in her duty to counter the attacks. The only thing she did was delete the comments.

  2. thank you for your respond Liz, however it has come to my conclusion since there are many factions & breaks within the Autism community I feel it applies to the community as whole for all of us to grow up & get it together for peace..ty though... :)

  3. Well done. As adults, we should be supporting each other for whatever situation is at hand. In this case (along with a few other pages) I believe as Advocates we may need to continue with education and spreading awareness. It is important to absorb all information to assist those faced with challenges. No one person is to blame. We forget, that with our higher functioning,(now adults) advocates online, they provide a great deal of living experience. With positive and negative feelings along the way, respect is always the answer.


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