Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Wonderful Article about Me..

Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that my story article is now on Lisa Jo Rudy's Autism.about.com blog site please take a look! Please also let Ms. Rudy know what a wonderful job she is also doing in the community with lots of information on her blog site & I also wanted to thank her as well.  I will post the links on the bottom & thanks again for all of those who support me as well! :)


The story links with my previous interviews etc: 


We can do it, We are people too! :) this artwork is also created by me!


  1. Hi, Zoey! I just read your article on the About.com page. Wow! You sound a lot like my brother, who is now 53 and has always had trouble fitting in. I think he may be an Aspie too. My 10 year old son, Jack, is also on the autism spectrum. His symptoms are very similar to asperger's, but not quite. What a beautiful article you wrote! I can so understand what you've gone through with other people, cause I've seen my son go thru meanness and misunderstanding with other kids. It hurts a mother's heart. Keep writing and sharing your experiences. The community helps us all! Best wishes!

    Debbie K.

  2. ty Jaxmom! I have seen your blog & it's also wonderful, I appreciate your comment & hope you you have seen my previous interviews as well,& I have a sister blog that does movie reviews. Have a great day! :) Z

    My informational interviews this comes from:


    my movie reviews blog: http://spectrumvideoreviews.blogspot.com/


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