Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Trip to ANCA Naturally Autistic Conference in Maple Ridge/Langley British Columbia,Canada

Hi everyone! first of all I just wanted to say thank you to those who have helped me out from the 2012 event, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Going to this event was fun overall as where I live its not very often I get mingle with people of my own kind (the fellow Autistic's) as I live in small city with no adult Autism services. 

for more information on the event please see Its run by Leo Gregory-Collura & Charlie Collura (also if you wish to donate to ANCA for next years 2013 event please go the webpage thank  you). This is a wonderful event for all including welcoming Autistic & other diversibility self advocates. A special thank goes to Lori Arseneau Stoughton & her family for giving everyone rides with shuttles & helping Leo & Charlie out you were fabulous! Dr Temple Grandin was also an honorary ambassador but she was here in Canada last year so I didn't get a chance to meet here (someday I hope).

Duane Burnett

The who weekend started off with awards Friday night in Maple Ridge with host mc Duane Burnett who's a great guy! and also Juno nominee singer Janet Panic was a presenter as was Ms Yvonne Mikelencak of the Asperger Woman's Association was also a presenterl. The major sponsor of the event is & Romela Quinn & Marcus McClelland came as sponsors.

Here are some pics from the event:

ANCA award winner Pheobe Murer

Joanne Gauthier, Presenter,Artist

Jeremy Bernstein Honorary ANCA ambassador

that was just the sampling from Friday in which I have a funny story to tell, when I was getting a ride back to the hotel room in Langley, and I was getting a ride with another lady & her son (who were also from out of town) and we ended up getting lost & going all over the place and well since I wasn't familiar with bigger metropolis's than my area I was internally freaking out (I haven't had a chance to take my evening anxiety meds yet) and my phone was almost of power. I felt like freaking out but I had to remind myself relax and take deep breaths, another girl happened to have a phone (we also stopped) to ask directions and we got out of there ok, (phew).

The next day on Saturday was keynote speakers in Maple Ridge including Dr Hedy Fry of the Liberals answering our questions and trying to lend an ear to our concerns, also Dr Lars Perner, Marianne Hansen RMT (Massage), and Joanne Lara of Autism Movement Therapy: were keynote speakers and had workshops too.   The one I attended was Friend 2 Friend play Therapy run by Heather McCracken she was just giving information on what she does what Friend 2 Friend is (see the link for more information about it).  Also Marc Rosen had a workshop as well, he was a highlight at the awards with "Zappy Zappy" from one of his books.  Of course Romela Quinn was doing workshop information about USANA health products (our main sponsor).

On the last day Sunday was the big gala I was looking forward to, as award winners Scott James, Sam Ruderham, and of course blues guitarist/actor singer Jim Byrnes took to the stage as well, it took place at Swans E Set golf course in Pitt Meadows and it was a blast! I got to socialize with my new friends and some that I reconnected with and are friends with on Facebook (sorry if I didn't get to everyone this round but you know who you are as there just too many to mention this round)  There was also a silent auction to raise funds as well Here are some pictures:

Me and ANCA award winner Michael Buckholtz (Bucknation)

Samantha Ruderham tender moment

Me and singer Janet Panic

Sponsor List (if you have trouble reading please feel free to download and zoom)
Scott James singing

Food and great times were had by all there, and I enjoyed it being with those of my own kind (fellow Autistics) and others with diversibilities. I am looking at raising funds to go again next year as its farther from where I live here's the link and information about next years awards location on the Sunshine Coast (Gibson's and Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada) is in the link I am providing, please help me go again if you can so that I can report back next year, another thing is that I have never been to this region before either so it will be a first time for me to go there. Thank you for reading my blog and please feel free to share thank you to my friends and fans I appreciate all of you! your friendly blogger Zoey

P.S. If I have forgotten anyone or anything please let me and you can acknowledge yourselves in the responses thank you...
I have more pics on my Facebook profile:


  1. Zoey that's awesome. I love it. I just learned a few things from you. Well done! : D HUGS

  2. ty and it was great to meet you too! :) xx

  3. Awesome blog Zoey. Peter and I continued getting lost that weekend but we made it home. We will see you next year for sure.


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