Friday, October 28, 2011

A Simple Wish & Dream...(for Autistics Speaking Day 2011)

Hi there everyone I just wanted to wish all a happy Autistics speaking day! I want to say to all the parents & carers, I know your doing your best to raise your children & I admire especially those who are single parenting/caregiving those living on the Autism spectrum (my sister is a single mother of 2 very bright & wonderful Autistic young adults) & I know as a person myself on the spectrum (Aspergers/HH  HFA), I have had some disagreements with some in the past because sometimes adults on the spectrum & parents of those on the spectrum often have communications differences of dreams, goals & hopes (as you know the spectrum is vast with communication “differences”).  Everyone has different ideas on what causes Autism & spectrum & how it should be approached.  My goal is still one day for all us despite any differences of opinion we have to have not only have peaceful coexistance, & awareness of Autism but acceptance of Autism & those who are on the spectrum & for those of us on the spectrum to also do our best to understand what parents go through as well (I know its hard due to our communications issues but if you look at us inside we have good hearts & mean well) & we can fight the real battle & that is general public to accept us as well because if we quarrel in the community then how are we supposed to get the public to take us seriously & not to discriminate against us? I know its not easy but we should at try to grow with each other, its called life. Thank you for reading this & have a great day!  See my previous postings to learn more about Autism.

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