Friday, April 1, 2011

April is World Autism Awareness (and hopefully Acceptance) Month

Created by Melody Latimer

Hi there I would like to wish the world a happy day on World Autism Awareness Month.  We need to honor and support those in your life who what Autism/Asperger's and the spectrum which is full of color and diversity. Instead of focusing on the "dark" side of Autism we need to celebrate and focus on our gifts and skills we can do and say hey! Autism is not a death sentence,we can work with the quirks and shine through to show that those of us on the spectrum are people too!

I accept and love all those with Autism and spectrum including me! I hope you do also!
From someone with Asperger's I thank you for supporting this event and don't forget April 2nd,2011 is World Autism Awareness Day. Remember to also wear your rainbow colors to show the spectrum! Don't forget we also need acceptance too! 

I have Autism and spectrum information on this page as well,please scroll down.

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