Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Autism Smiles,from Jasper Steed..A great Autism success!

Hi everyone sorry I haven't been around,I have had family health emergencies etc..well I am back online and would like to thank my online and all friends for there support during this time.
I would like to now introduce a young man named Jasper Steed,he runs a wonderful organization called Autism Smiles,and lots of related organizations and links related on his facebook sites and his websites.
This is what Jasper says about him on his site:
My name is Jasper.  I am the founder of the charity and I am autistic myself.  I am 21 years old and I did not get all the care I needed when I needed it.  So because of this I made a decision to provide help because I am able to understand what most of the kids are going through and I want to be able to tell them that I care. I want to support and help them as much as I can.  I am going to also share advertising revenue as well to help.  I am a game creator and I build websites as a living as well.  What gave me the idea is, because like I said, there is not much in VA but I would like to give the gift of technology

Jasper has more of website links on the main website and please feel free to join!

Some related stories about Jasper:


Thank you! and I appreciate all your hard work too Jasper! :) Autism really does smile!

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