Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Open Letter to Antivax/Curebie Parents and Carers...

As an Autistic adult with 2 Autistic adult nephews and a cousin with Autism as well,i believe in the genetics as i was diagnosed as an adult as well its too late for me to worry about this vax issue crap, we need to go on an accept Autism as a part of life, like the deaf,downs,wheelchair communities etc, because Autistic children will become Autistic adults, which is why its better to time,money and resources with adult job,social and housing supports etc instead of what causes dribble because autism is so vast you cannot pinpoint vaccinations as a cause of autism, and yes kids get reactions like fever's etc that is normal side effect of vaccinations and vaccinations have been proven victim of timing as its proven that autism starts in the womb and can sometimes start in some kids coincidently around the shot time...parents need to stop using emotions with Autism and stop being afraid of Autism and please no buts we are different branches of the same tree all members of Autism community from high to low. we could get funding if we all accepted Autism and made it worthwhile as why we need the help as you catch more flies with honey than vinagar. also you parents need to listen to us adult folk on the spectrum too as we have been there at one time or another..and yes with my nephews i some experience too.. I choose to see the positive side to Autism not the negative fearmongering that the antivax and "cure" side choose to portray as we are not an epidemic but  human beings with feelingsk,dreams and goals too and on top of it jenny mccarthy is selling e cigerettes making her a hypocrate and also ex dr wakefiled has his medical license stripped and his studies retracted as they couldn't be duplicated so therefore the antivax/cure believers are a cult. they also are so desperate they believe in the biomed quackery incl bleach enema's are banned in numerous countries..ty and have a nice day..i am not a paid shill by any corportation or the govt to say this.ty

Autism is not the end of the world but a beginning of whole new journey!

Please share this note Zoey :) xxoo

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